The first thing I like to do when embarking on a trip is to create a mind map of all the things to see, do and explore in that location. Being that Singapore is gonna be the next destination I touch down in; me, my highlighters & my google searches got very busy this morning!

Singapore is a relatively small country, and very simple to travel around – which makes ticking all these places off the list *hopefully* pretty easily!




Nightlife In… Singapore!

I love to party, love to drink & love beautiful rooftop bars & terraces – so Singapore is perfect for me! There is an abundance of swanky bars and luxurious lounges – from looking at the menus, none of it comes cheap; but the views look totally worth it! I’ve whittled down my short-list of the must visit bars and clubs in Singapore, plus, where to find them, ready for my upcoming trip. Bottom’s up!