Unleashing Our Inner Tarzan…

If you like heights, love nature and always wished you could fly – then the Enchanted Adventure Garden down on the Mornington Peninsula is pretty much made just for you. It’s full of random activities and scenic spots – but … Continue reading

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Surviving A Long Distance Relationship

My whole adult life, I’d always sworn I’d never do a long distance relationship. I always thought that being away from your partner for such long periods of time could surely only cause nothing but sadness, paranoia and doubt – … Continue reading

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The first thing I like to do when embarking on a trip is to create a mind map of all the things to see, do and explore in that location. Being that Singapore is gonna be the next destination I touch down in; me, my highlighters & my google searches got very busy this morning!

Singapore is a relatively small country, and very simple to travel around – which makes ticking all these places off the list *hopefully* pretty easily!




Pros & Cons of Solo Travel

The majority of trips I’ve taken in the past have been solo – or at least start off that way before meeting new people and merging our adventures together! A lot of my friends back home find it insane that … Continue reading

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