My Ozzie Adventure ❤

So. Two years of living, working and LOVING America over, I’m now back home in England and already itching to head onto the next destination!

After lots of consideration, hours of researching my different options and weighing up the pros and cons of the variety of other work and travel visas, I’ve finally decided that for my next adventure I will be heading down under and spending a year or two in Australia!

The process definitely feels a lot harder than being an au pair in America. Instead of knowing I have a job, a home and a support network already lined up for me, I’m pretty much going out there with nothing but my visa, my savings and a suitcase full of sunscreen!

It’s definitely a little bit scary, but the excitement overtakes any nerves by 500%. Hoping to leave within the next few months, it’s time to knuckle down, get focused and begin planning my crazy exciting Ozzie adventure!