Trip Recap… 2022!

For the first time in a LONG time – I’ve actually accomplished last years New Years Resolutions! The goal was to do 12 trips (one for each month of the year) and to try and see more of the UK seeing as I’ve barely explored closer to home. What a fun travel year it’s been, seen some beautiful places and done some amazing activities all closer to home than ever before! Planning to hopefully venture out further next year and do a couple more of the bigger trips I’m used to – so here’s to 2023!

JANUARY: The Cotswolds

Our January trip was a weekend in the Cotswolds, rented a little cottage which was gorgeous, did a lot of country pubs and walking about in the rain, but overall wasn’t too impressed. Countryside life definitely isn’t for us!


For Valentines weekend we decided to head to Oxford – beautiful buildings all looking and feeling very British and making us feel like we’d become extras in a Harry Potter movie.

MARCH: Portsmouth

Never been to Portsmouth, so took a little trip down there for all things Nautical. Such an interesting city with so much history – definitely wouldn’t have lasted as sailors if we lived back then!

APRIL: Ireland – Galway

Easter visit to Ireland to visit the family, Kenny’s first time on the Emerald Isle so a Guinness was most definitely prescribed as one of the first things we did as soon as we arrived!

MAY: Brighton

One of my childhood staples! We used to head here every Summer, skimming rocks on the sea, playing arcade games on the pier and finishing the evening with classic fish & chips on the beach. This year we crammed in a 90’s music concert too!

JUNE: Bristol

Kenny spent his birthday this year in Bristol – such a fun, artsy little place! Tried a bunch of activities such as foot golf and attending a magic show, but just wandering round all the street art was an activity in itself.

JULY: Italy – Pisa, Rome & Florence

Beautiful Italy, full of good food, gorgeous people and stunning landscapes. We began the trip sightseeing in Pisa, then hopped to Rome for the standard tourist spots and then finished up in Florence for copious wine tasting and pasta binges!

AUGUST: Bognor Regis

The mama’s 60th birthday! Lil family trip to Butlins, haven’t been there since we were kids so was so much fun watching all the cheesy shows and competing on all the arcade games.

SEPTEMBER: Spain – Barcelona & Costa Brava

My birthday this year was spent in Spain – paella making, sangria drinking, flamenco watching & creating our own pieces of mosaic art, sightseeing in Barcelona, then headed to Costa Brava for a few drunken nights out & daytime relaxation by the pool!

OCTOBER: Isle of Sheppey / Sheerness

This trip was technically in August but counting it as October! Headed to the sisters caravan in Sheerness – little walks along the seafront, shell painting and drunken bingo!

NOVEMBER: America – New York & New Jersey

Headed back to the USA – my first time in 5 years and Kenny’s first time since he moved to the UK! Was lovely spending Thanksgiving with his family, eating at all our fave food spots, visiting our loved ones and ending with a Knicks game!


Our final trip of 2022 was a city break to Leeds. Incorporated some festive spirit to our activities with a little Winter light walk around Roundhay Park, then back to our usual competitive antics with curling & crazy pool as well as exploring the city!

How has your 2022 travel year been and where are you planning to go in 2023?!

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