Day Four In… Singapore!

Our final day in Singapore. After a very busy 3 days – we figured we’d have to match that energy on the last day as well! Ticking off the final mini bits on our Singapore bucket list; we got to say goodbye to the first country we visited for the first time together and it was one we absolutely loved!

We kicked off the day with a trip to the Kampong Glam neighborhood for a Selfie Coffee. Obsessed! A photo of myself on my drink?! Def one for the gram! The quality of the photos were surprisingly good as well. You take the photo on a little phone in store – then the baristas print it out onto your coffee. Such a cool idea and tasty on top. We had a latte fun here!

While still on the hunt for some creativity – we decided to check out the Art Science museum. For an art gallery it was actually pretty interactive and VERY modern. Rather than lots of old portraits or strange abstract sculptures the exhibitions were new, bold and exciting – which was a perfect reflection on Singapore itself.

In addition to the inside being beautiful, the outside was stunning too. Ponds with flowers and lily pads – with the skyline in the background was again, a perfect reflection on Singapore: Clean, architecturally incredible – while still looking after the natural beauty to create a gorgeous contrast.

One place that did disappoint? Little India. After pouring through the #Singapore hashtags on Insta – there were SO many of these beautiful coloured houses, with captions saying it was a vibrant, colourful neighborhood. It was a total case of expectation vs reality check. Yes – there were a couple of brightly coloured eye-catching houses – ones that we’d seen online. But they were few and far between – not the buzzy rainbow painted neighborhood I’d envisioned! Yes those two buildings are cool but it deffo wasn’t worth the train ride – FAIL!

Last up – a perfect way to see out the trip, with the iconic Gardens By The Bay! This horticultural heaven is a gardeners wet dream. Plants and flowers adorn every surface – although one of Kenny’s favourite things about it was that it was air conned to the max! The cloud fountain- apparently the second biggest indoor waterfall in the world; was breathtaking. I want one in my mansion when I’m a billionaire – don’t mind me; just manifesting that into the world.

The plants were really pretty, although some of it was wasted on us, as the note cards for what flower is what went straight over our heads! Referring to them instead as those pretty red ones or those decent looking yellow things – Alan Titchmarsh & Charlie Dimmock we are not. But beaut nonetheless!

Going out with a bang – the Supertree Grove light show. HUGE supertrees lit up the gardens with fairylights, while music played in synchronisation – it was one of the few things that finally shut me up! Magical doesn’t even begin to describe it, it feels like you’re in Avatar – it was so futuristic that I could have watched it 10 times over!

Considering it’s a very small country – Singapore has it all! It’s modern but still with history, there’s an amalgamation of culture, the food is incredible, the architecture is insane and the people were so adorably sweet. A lot of people use Singapore as a ‘fly through’ destination, but those that don’t venture out here for at least a day or two are really missing a trick! We felt like we completely accomplished Singapore and loved every second – but was there anything we missed?!

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