Day Three In… Singapore!

Another day of exploring Singapore! We’ve done relaxation, adventure – day three was all about wildlife. We kicked off the morning with a quick brekkie in our lil space pods before jumping on the train and heading off to Singapore Zoo. Not gonna lie, zoos aren’t really our thing – we prefer seeing animals in the wild, but Singapores pretty small & we’d packed our other days out really full so we were kinda scraping the bucket a bit here – soz Singapore!

We’d heard REALLY good things about this place – the river trails were meant to be spectacular, the animals exciting and the night safari one of a kind. I really hate being negative about somewhere I’ve gone because I can generally find the good in most places – but sorry Singapore Zoo, you kinda sucked.

The day started off fun enough and we were really looking forward to seeing the animals, but most of them were hidden away; to the point we lowkey started considering that Singapore Zoo was a rouse to get unsuspecting tourists through the door to look at empty huts. There were more statues of animals dotted around the place than actual animals – overall, a kinda strange experience.

The coolest part was when we got to see some monkeys out their lil enclosure, but I think by that point – we could have seen a pigeon and had the same excitement just for the fact of actually seeing a real life animal in there! The pandas were ‘asleep’ and we were pretty sure they were just stuffed animals. I kid of course, I’m obviously exaggerating slightly, but we were looking forward to a fun day at the zoo and instead it was just a lot of walking and squinting to see if we could actually see anything!

One of the best parts of the day was definitely lunch – we may not have seen pandas in their bamboo forest, but seeing the lil cartoon panda buns on our plate were a good enough alternative! The chocolate and red bean delights were so tasty, although they were almost too cute to eat!

The river trail was a cute little boat ride, taking you through some of the park before dropping you at the aquarium section. We oohed and ahhed over pretty fish (and pretty ugly ones!), and learnt a bunch of facts about marine life in Singapore. It was at this point I decided to tell Kenny we’d be diving with sharks – sadly I was only joking, but seeing the colour drain from his face in fear made my day!

At this point, we were pretty much Zoo’ed out. Even before coming in, as mentioned, it wasn’t ever something we’d normally be up for – but even so, it was definitely one of the more boring animal enclosures I’d been to. The best part of the park was the little train that took you around, and even that was only a selling point because it gave you a breezy reprieve from the humidity! Kenny was bored to tears and practically falling asleep on the park ride so we decided to skip the night safari and head back. Afterall, we barely saw any of the animals during the daytime – in pitch black we’d be even more at a loss!

Heading back into the center was definitely a good call. We grabbed some food from a street food stand and wandered around the city at night, people watching the crowds and catching the end of a football game at a local outdoor bar. There was a lot of hustle & bustle outside, crowds of people teaming in and out of the local temples – which were decorated so intricately and so beautifully that weaving around them was like an outdoor art exhibit!

To end the night, we decided to catch the light show at the Marina Bay Sands. Beautiful and extravagant – just like the hotel itself, was a pretty little way to end what was ultimately a boring and disappointing day; but hey, you win some you lose some. At least the company was good (although Kenny probably wouldn’t agree!) Although I wouldn’t recommend Singapore Zoo – I’d definitely still recommend Singapore as a whole. We were looking forward to our last day before flying on to Australia for our year abroad – but for now it was another space pod snooze!

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