Day Two In… Singapore!

Day two of our mini trip and it was time to drop the luxury, drag ourselves away from the infinity pool and start exploring another spot in Singapore – where better than the island of Sentosa?! Pretty much a tourists playground – it’s full of fun-packed activities, themed events and big name attractions like Universal Studios.

The day we visited was gloomy & rainy – so thankfully we weren’t there for the views! It was super easy to get to – a short (very cheap) train ride from our hotel and we were good to go! Our first spot to avoid the rain was the Trick Eye Museum which had us both crying with laughter with our stupid poses and silly photos that we’ll both treasure forever!

Kenny was completely in his element – give the boy an Oscar, I’ve never seen anyone put so much thought and energy into a photo before – he loved it! This world of optical illusions was a lot more fun than we expected – as well as being a lot bigger than we’d first thought it would be. Yes, it was very touristy and not exactly exclusive to Singapore, but for the funny photo album you can create from it alone, it’s 100% worth it.

Next up – time for a bit more adventure, the ‘mega zip’ zip line speeding down at 60mph, 450m down from the a mini jungle onto Siloso Beach; exciting! Kenny – self confessed terrified of heights was a bit nervous (see exhibit A below – he wasn’t exactly happy with the surprise LOL) but thankfully ended up loving it. I was mainly scared of dropping my GoPro and losing out on the hilarity that was Kenny screaming ‘woohoo’ the whole way down but luckily it stayed intact! Although I’m also scared of heights – I adore ziplines. They’re a weirdly relaxing way to enjoy a good view (always manage to sneak a viewpoint in!) You land right on the sand on Siloso Beach – neatly next to a cute little beach bar, perfection!

Couple of cocktails down and the sun quickly setting it was time for our final Sentosa activity – Skyline Luge. You go up on a ski lift (weirdly more nerve-wracking for me than the zipline!), land at the top, grab a helmet and get ready to zoom down on a mini go-kart style ride. The first challenge? Finding a helmet that was big enough for our fat heads! Thankfully they did have some XXL ones, so we were ready to go. We’re both competitive AF so from the get go it was game on. You snooze you luge!

Sentosa was a while ago now, I’ll be honest I don’t quite remember who beat who down to the bottom – but hey I’m the writer, so let’s just say it was me! It was A LOT of fun, and those things actually go pretty quickly! It was like a real life version of Mario Kart – thankfully without the banana skins cos we both almost fell out of our luges at least 5 times! The best part was seeing Kenny speed past in sheer delight that he was beating the other people on the track… even though they were only about 7 years old. Priceless.

All activitied out – it was FINALLY time for some grub. We left Sentosa, heading back into the centre and hitting up yet another delicious hawker market – Maxwell Food Centre. Once again, the food was tasty, cheap and super filling – the popiah (right) was GORGEOUS and noodles you can never can go wrong with. After a great day, having a great meal really topped it all off.

Tonight, we wasn’t staying in the fancy Marina Bay Sands – but arguably somewhere even cooler! The Met A Space Pod Hostel – a capsule style hostel and still to this day one of the most unique places I’ve ever stayed! Each guest gets their own little pod that looks like a mini spaceship. Check in is all done via IPads at reception; collecting your keycard and beeping into your own little unit. The pods contained a TV, mirror and a bunch of lighting settings/air con/plugs – what more could you want?! Lockers were separate to keep the rest of your belongings safe and everything was pretty soundproof; which to anyone else that has stayed in a hostel knows that drowning out that annoying guests snoring is more than welcome! Although from the outside they looked pretty snug – they were roomy enough to starfish out and watch telly without getting our elbows in eachothers faces! This futuristic stay was definitely one off the bucket list and although it wouldn’t be too comfortable for a long stay it was an ideal base for us for our last couple of nights in Singapore.

2 thoughts on “Day Two In… Singapore!

  1. Love love love! The spacepods look super comfortable, always thought they would feel slightly claustrophobic but after seeing your photos I will be booking one to give it a go!

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