Day One In… Singapore!

After a VERY long 15 hours stuck on two planes from the UK – we finally arrived in Singapore and were ready to kick off our first big travelling adventure together! We decided to splash out for our first night and stay in the Marina Bay Sands hotel – which is an an absolute MUST if you ever visit. Incredible views, insane luxury and all right in the heart of everything – you truly can’t go wrong.

The first thing we decided to do to beat our jet-lag was jump straight into the amazing infinity pool on the 57th floor of the hotel. Definitely beats a swim down the local leisure centre! We got pretty lucky when we visited because there wasn’t a huge amount of people fighting to take the infamous skyline selfies, so we got very snap happy!

Appetite sufficiently gained and prices being extortionate at the restaurants inside Marina Bay Sands – there was nothing else for it than a trip to a local hawker centre for some cheap, tasty grub. We headed over to Lau Pa Sat – a 5minute walk from the hotel and an average of 5 stars on Google – perfect! The food was INSANE. Huge portions, and only about £3 per dish. We loaded up on chicken wonton soup, laska and DELICIOUS braised duck noodles.

Next on our tiny tourist trail was a visit to the iconic Singapore Merlion statue. Standing tall in Merlion Park the statue is a must see for the goofy photo poses alone! In addition to the Instagram worthy snaps – the views of the skyline from lower down, and being able to see Marina Bay from across the water was stunning.

The heat in Singapore was SO HUMID – our pale asses could barely handle it without lashings of factor 50! Didn’t stop us lazing and sun/shadebathing back on the roof of the hotel though. I, being used to hostels and the backpacker life definitely wasn’t used to this type of luxury accomodation! The little touches like dressing gowns / slippers and unlimited towels blew my broke-bitch mind! Normally it’s cheap shower shoes and trying to avoid the communal bathroom at peak hours – so this day of living life like a baller was a real welcome kick off to the trip.

Side note – if you have a birthday that falls on or close enough to your stay at Marina Bay then definitely let them know – the mini birthday cake they snuck into our room for Kenny’s belated birthday was delicious. We also massively appreciated the towel artists that work there – had a go ourselves, but even folding neatly was an issue, so that career path got scrapped pretty quickly.

While you’re staying at the hotel – make the most of the SkyPark observation deck. It has the best views and is free during your stay, otherwise for non-guests it’s S$26. I’m obsessed with a pretty skyline view – Kenny not so much, but the poor guy still gets dragged to an observation deck or viewpoint pretty much everywhere we go; but this one was so beaut it impressed even him!

You’d think we’d be pool and view’ed out by this point but nope, at a few hundred a night we were making the most of that bad boy! We stayed up there from sunset, right until dark. The heated hot pools weren’t at all needed because the air was still crazy humid, but I’m a sucker for a hot tub!

Wrinkled AF from practically living in the infinity pool for the day, we finally dragged ourselves out, making mental notes to become so rich that we’d be able to have our own infinity pools one day. Yes, we’ll probably have to settle for a paddling pool in the back garden, but hey, a girl can dream! We caught some of the hotels free light show from up above then finally got out of our swimsuits to go and grab some more tasty hawker centre delights.

The hotel is seriously so big that it’s practically a mini town. Full of restaurants, shops, gyms, bars and attractions you could spend days there – just make sure you bring your credit card! For us, 5 star restaurants aren’t our vibe – we love homestyle cooking, huge portions and big flavours – all of which we got from our second visit to Lau Pa Sat for the day. There were so many food stalls inside that we could have easily become regulars in there had we been visiting Singapore for longer than a few days!

Very long day over – our first day in Singapore was a roaring success. We lived the high life (literally as we barely left the 57th floor!), ate incredible food and relaxed our long plane journey away in one of the the best places I’ve ever stayed! The beds were incredibly comfortable and we crashed out faster than you could say ‘infinity pool views!’

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