Unleashing Our Inner Tarzan…

If you like heights, love nature and always wished you could fly – then the Enchanted Adventure Garden down on the Mornington Peninsula is pretty much made just for you. It’s full of random activities and scenic spots – but the tree surfing is definitely a highlight!


I’d never even heard of tree surfing until about a week ago, but it’s something everyone should add to their bucket list ASAP. You get yourself harnessed up and then navigate through the trees using various platforms, ropes and balance beams. At the end of every course you zip-line down to the bottom and make your way to the next one – great fun! At the Enchanted Adventure Garden there are 5 courses included within the price of your ticket ($60 for adults including general admission), and they’ve done a fantastic job of making each of them unique, so you don’t feel like you’re just repeating the same thing over and over.


One thing we really liked about the experience was that you were able to do everything yourself right from the off. It can be really frustrating doing activities (especially in a big group) when you have to constantly wait for the instructor to assist you. With tree surfing, you have no choice but to follow the course, as you are attached to a wire the whole way through, but you don’t need to faff about waiting for someone to help you get attached as it’s ridiculously simple. I’m semi-afraid of heights, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel up there all alone – but as soon as you’re up there you feel how safe it is and any worries you may have had totally disappear.


What was really interesting about the differing courses was that the ones that seemed the scariest – were actually the easiest. There were a few parts of the course that looked like they’d be a breeze – but actually resulted in me getting too cocky, hopping on super fast, then totally losing my balance and ending up suspended in midair with a look of pure terror on my face! For me, the most difficult sections were the panels of wood suspended with ropes – they swung about so much, which made it really hard to find your footing. The singular, tightrope style ropes, were extremely easy to balance on, even though they looked like the most nerve-wracking. One of my favourite elements on one of the courses was stepping onto a skateboard and whizzing down a tightrope before it ultimately turns into the zip-line – exhilarating!


After our two hour tree surfing session, we did the ‘Big Zip’ zip-line. Originally we weren’t sure if it was worth the money, as we hadn’t realised that there were zip-lines included at the end of every tree surfing course, but considering it’s a lot longer, much higher and only $10 more – you can’t turn it down. Even after 6 zip-lines, we still couldn’t work out how to land gracefully, so make sure you wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, as if you’re anything like us you’ll be covered in wood chippings!


Another super fun activity was the tube slides – included within the general admission ticket price. There’s normally a few, but unfortunately on the day we went, only one was in action for the adults. Nevertheless, it was a great acting like big kids and whizzing down the hill. Plus – the spray of water that hits you while you’re sliding down, on a hot day, is HEAVEN!


Aside from all the amazing activities on offer, the Enchanted Adventure Garden is also full of beautiful sculptures and a variety of different mazes, so if a walk or a relaxing sit down is more your thing – you won’t be disappointed. The grounds are absolutely beautiful and whoever the gardener is deserves a medal!


Overall, visiting the Enchanted Adventure Garden was one of the best days we’ve had since being in Australia so far – and we’ve had a lot of them! It combined everything that we love – activities, adventure, beautiful surroundings and good value. It’s definitely worth the visit whether you’re down that way or not – and with stunning views of the Peninsula on the drive up as well, you just can’t go wrong with it!



*Click below for our Mornington Peninsula Vlog!*
Mornington Peninsula Vlog!


Click Here For The Enchanted Adventure Garden Website!

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