Street Feast in Shoreditch – Dinerama Dining!

Most people call me greedy but I try and dress it up by calling myself a ‘foodie’. Either way, I LOVE food, so food markets are like heaven to me. Being able to sample a variety of different things and satisfy everything you’re craving at once is perfect, and boy, does Dinerama in Shoreditch deliver!

Me and my fellow foodie, decided to go on a little food crawl, stuffing our faces and trying as many offerings from as many stalls as possible. It’s safe to say, that 5 food rounds and multiple alcoholic drinks later – we had successfully completed our mission! We may have gained 1788 lbs in the process and had to be stretchered out of the premises but it was totally worth it.

Our first stop; was Yum Bun, which offered bao buns with 3 different fillings. We opted for the pork belly which consisted of roasted pork belly, cucumber, hoi sin sauce and spring onions – and was absolutely delicious. We also tried the Japanese-style fried chicken, with lettuce and chilli sauce which was equally gorgeous – and both super cheap at only £8 for 2 buns. Perfect choice for a light, easy to eat starter!


Next up, we stuck with the Asian inspired cuisine and grabbed some steamed pork dumplings from yumplings – excited to try, although disappointed that we couldn’t sample any of the other flavours on their 3 for £5 offer, as every other stall encouraged mixing and matching! The pork filling was incredible, but the dumpling itself, was very rubbery – which considering that’s the speciality was a bit of a let down. Thankfully the filling redeemed it, but wouldn’t be rushing back to this stall anytime soon.


One of the stalls that had caught my eye from first entering, was Club Mexicana – a 100% all vegan stall offering nachos and tacos. I opted for the Baja Tofish and the BBQ Jackfruit and was astounded by how extremely tasty they both were! The BBQ jackfruit was a great alternative to pulled pork, while the Baja Tofish tasted exactly like regular fish – I was stunned when I realised it was made out of tofu because I’m normally not a tofu fan at all, but Club Mexicana absolutely smashed it! If every vegan place served food like this, the world would never touch meat again! Not to mention the great service and cheap price point at two tacos for only £7.


Feeling pretty stuffed, we decided to take a quick booze break to wash down all the tasty food we’d had so far. We’d already started our evening with a couple of frozen slushy cocktails, but the booze that really stole the show for us, was the sample platter from Cornish Orchards Cider Decider! As if they serve 400ml of cider for only £2?! It was cheap, delicious and came in a super instagrammable little platter. We loved that it allowed you to try each cider on offer – both agreeing that our personal favourites were the berry blush, and the apple & elderflower keeper’s!


Multiple drinks well and truly downed, the next stop was White Men Can’t Jerk, but rest assured after visiting this stall, we know they most definitely can! We grabbed the fries loaded with jerk chicken for £6 and practically licked the box clean! Very tasty, very filling and the hot sauce was absolutely to die for. Would definitely be keen to try their jerk chicken buns on our next visit because they looked delicious!


All savouried out, we were craving something sweet to top off our epic food crawl feast and go out with a bang on a great dessert. You Doughnut gave us everything we wanted and more! It was probably my favourite treat of the entire night, which considering I’m not a huge doughnut fan as it is, is a big compliment! I got the malted milk chocolate doughnut, with a malt chocolate sauce topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a Malteaser and biscuit crumble on top. I honestly pretty much died and went to heaven after the first bite! It was SO tasty, the perfect amount of sweet but not sickly, while still giving you a sugar fix. I couldn’t recommend this stall enough and definitely want to come back and try their oreo cheesecake or salted caramel option – absolutely divine!


Finally, we admitted defeat, feeling our waistlines expanding and our beach bodies disappearing with every bite, we decided to finally call it a night! Dinerama by Street Feast in Shoreditch, East London, is a quality place to go if you love drinking, food, or just an all round great atmosphere with other very chill people. More seats or standing tables would have been a great addition, but other than that it’s pretty much perfect! Although, next time, I’ll definitely be wearing elasticated trousers and a baggy shirt!


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